Sometimes both the problem and the solution are unknown. Often times, the solution is the first to be defined without thoroughly understanding what truly needs to be solved. Design thinking is collaborative, exploratory, creative and makes ideas tangible.


Today, your options to communicate seem limitless. Yet, no single message can be out of sync. When attention is at a premium, every point of contact is critical and “character counts.” Strategic communications is an integrated, cross-channel approach to help build the volume and reach of your “echo.”


Understanding the true nature of those you connect with is essential. Knowing and prioritizing what’s important — the wants, needs, motivations, and behaviors of your intended audience helps you make an informed-decision and fosters the opportunity for greater innovation.


High performing digital design is complex and specialized. Empathy, active listening, collaboration, respect, optimism and the willingness to apply and adapt many layers of requirements make for the most effective solution.


Client-side, server-side, widgets, plug-ins, scripts and styles — thousands of lines of code bring your vision to life. For you, the technology must be seamless and reliable. For us, it is ubiquitous and always at the ready.


Bringing it all together, our work has a cadence — a rhythm and flow that guides the work we do, when we do it and how we create-to-innovate efficiently and effectively. With increased checkpoints to make informed decisions, even pivots, when necessary — Agile affords us repeatable success with a clear path (an iterative, cyclical process) and precise commitments to follow.

About Us

We are a full service digital agency with deep roots in design thinking.

We live by our own code: rethink fearlessly.
Exploration, synthesis and validation is our modus operandi.
We contextualize “what is” to solve the “to be.”
We help you thrive in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Our work goes well beyond your website, your mobile experience, your social interactions…

We build trusted relationships, satisfying experiences and honored communities.

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What We Do

We use our expertise to reach your vision.

Design Thinking
Discovery, experiment and ideate. Your best future state is our goal in mind.
Relationship Building
Understanding the relationships you have and how to honor them is our business.
Digital Products
Yes, there’s an app for that -- and a landing page, website, community, a self-service, a social interaction. You name it, if it’s online, it’s our time.
Delivering Platforms
Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Sharepoint and Sitecore. Bootstrap, CSS. Social platforms galore. From the front end to back-end, we’ve got you covered.

Who We’ve Served

Honored to work with some of the best and brightest.

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Meet the Founders

We live and breathe this work together out of passion for our craft and our commitment to “putting people first.”

Heather Dority
Heather Dority
CEO | Director of Strategic Services

Understanding what moves the heart and mind, especially in the “Always On” digital age, is what fuels me. Some may say it’s the coffee, but really the drive to fully explore and create positive experiences just runs through my veins. I see ideas and answers in unrelated things. Not ashamed to say, I write in hashtags. #sorrynotsorry

Avery Dority
Avery Dority
COO | Director of Technical Services

Working with and keeping up with technology is like a competitive sport to me. The game is always changing. New tech always has me stepping up my game. I love the challenge — the mental workout — to make it all click! I love the sense of achievement, knowing how hard I played the game.

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